I've compiled a list of the questions I am asked most frequently. Please feel free to ask if you have one not listed here!

My wedding/event/session is in another state/far from you, are you willing to photograph there?

I love to travel, and part of my business is destination the short answer is yes! Please note that there are additional costs to traveling, which will reflect in the price of your photography collection. We will discuss all of the details.

What will my wedding package include?

I do offer different levels of wedding collections, as not everybody wants the same package. Wedding photography coverage can range from 4 to 10 hours. Also, I like to keep the included products and services as customizable as possible, so that everyone receives exactly what they're looking for!

Why do you recommend an engagement session?

Although these sessions are a great way for us to break the ice and work together before your wedding day, I want to get a feeling for the two of you together. I also want you to have the ability to use these photographs for something important to you as well! The photos from engagement sessions are great for save the dates, favors, albums, keepsakes and of course, sharing with friends and family! 

What is a first look? Should we have one?

A first look is when the couple sees each other before the wedding ceremony. They are most helpful when: the wedding day takes place in one location; there is little time between the ceremony and reception; or it is a short day. You should have one if you want one! If not, even if your wedding falls into one of the mentioned scenarios, it's totally up to you. Just be aware that your couple's portraits, wedding party photos and family photos may be affected, as there will be less time for them. After the ceremony is usually the standard time for these photos, and if you do have a time gap in between, or another location to go to, or both, a first look may not be necessary. Some faiths require the couple to meet before the ceremony, so a first look is great in that instance (for example, a Ketubah signing). Be aware that if you opt for a first look and you're also being photographed getting ready, you may need to get ready earlier and you also may need to secure a longer amount of photography coverage.

Do you require that we sign a contract/Do you require a booking fee or retainer?

YES! All of my clients will receive a contract, that must be signed in order to secure your photography coverage. The contract is to protect everyone involved, including you! There's also a lot of pertinent information within, so it is very important that you read, and not skim, the entire text. Contracts are sent online, and signatures of the booking client(s) are taken digitally. I will go over your contract with you, in depth, to make sure that each section is easy to understand and agreed upon.

I do take a booking fee, which along with a signed contract, secures the date. Without both of these, the date is open, and will be filled on a first come, first served basis. I will let you know if there is another party interested in your specified date. Upon contract signing, you have 7 days grace to pay your booking fee, so it isn't absolutely immediate! Just understand that some dates are highly popular, and a prompt booking is necessary. 

The booking fee is 25% of the total amount of coverage.