I love meeting new people. I also love seeing the joy on their faces during their celebrations, the fun they're having at their photo sessions, hearing about how much they cherish their beautiful photos upon receiving them, and the ease of booking and working together.

I encourage questions and conversation. I don't like to leave any question unanswered (have a look at the FAQs for some common questions!) and I pride myself on being prompt in my replies.

All of this is well and great, but what can you expect?

When you inquire about booking with Luxe By Lindsay Photography, I will send you the information you request during our first contact. I do like to meet face to face for a chat, talk on the phone, or even Skype if you're not local! That way, we can get a feel for each other in a more personal way than in an e-mail. We can go over any of your questions, more in depth pricing, products and services that interest you, and just chat! 

Once you book your photography with Luxe By Lindsay Photography, know that I am available for you! Feel free to ask any questions that arise. I will contact you periodically to keep in touch, and also to gather all of the information necessary for your photography service.

When it comes to weddings, I know that the planning process can be very daunting. Although you may have a planner (and maybe you don't have one, that's cool too), we will go through your day together and discuss how your timeline will affect your photography needs. Sometimes timelines are strict, so it is important that we iron out all the details. When your wedding date nears, I will send you an itinerary form to fill out, which will put all of those details into one place.

During your wedding, know that I am keeping an eye on things. I want your day to go as smoothly as possible, and for you to be as stress-free as possible as well, so you can celebrate and have fun!

When your wedding is over, or we've completed your event or portrait session, the next thing to do is anticipate the arrival of your photos! I know this can be tough, but I will try to make the wait as painless as possible ;) Don't be surprised if I tease you a bit - I know you're anxious, and I want you to have your photos, so I may post a few images on social media as a sneak peek. 

When your photos are ready, we will sit down and catch up! Whether in person, phone, e-mail or Skype, let's definitely meet again! I will go over everything with you, so that you fully understand how to view your photos. If you have additional products, we will go over placing those orders as well. 

All in all, I want the Luxe By Lindsay Photography experience to be as streamlined and stress-free as possible, while having lots of fun and excitement in the process!