Nathan + Jason | New York, NYC | City Hall Wedding

I could go on writing about my love for these two for a very long time, so it's probably best if I keep this as short as possible! :)

I met Nathan at school, and we became great friends. After he moved to New York, it became clear that this amazing man would become one of the best friends I've ever had. We've been through many adventures together: as a native New Yorker, I'd never been to the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and that was one of the first things we did together; having impromptu dance parties; enrolling at the same college (him to complete his Bachelor's, and me for my Master's!); collaborating on photography work; relationship ups and downs; the craziest, silliest road trip ever - from New York to Sioux Falls, South Dakota - where I spilled a Culver's ice cream shake on my lap; long phone calls and sleepovers; and many more wonderful memories of just pure, unconditional love and friendship. He is one of the most genuine, honest, and intelligent people I've ever known.

I was so happy to hear that Nathan had met Jason, who would turn out to be the love of his life, and even more so when I finally had the pleasure of meeting him. It is so clear that these two belong together. I love seeing them so happy. Although the world and the times we live in are super crazy, it's great to see when something so right is still able to happen.

Nathan and Jason were married at the City Clerk's office of the Marriage Bureau. When asked to take some photos, my response was, "like I wasn't going to?" So, here we are. This day is so important and close to my heart. It was an honor to take these photos for my beautiful friends. 



Stacy + Colleen | Asbury, NJ | The Pattenburg House

Stacy and Colleen are one of my favorite couples. Both women are super fun, sweet and laid back, and their wedding at The Pattenburg House definitely reflected that. What a fun, chill vibe! If you're contemplating having an intimate wedding but want a fun atmosphere, don't rule out a bar or tavern at all! What a great place to be, this historic building had a great space for a dance floor, lovely sitting area, even a pool table..and of course, the bar was open!

I was excited and honored to photograph Stacy and Colleen's wedding. Although times seem to be getting better, it's still difficult to find a photographer (or other vendors, officiants, celebrants and more) that are LGBT friendly. To me, of course, Love IS Love. I pride myself in being there to photograph weddings and other photo sessions for every type of relationship and family, as everyone deserves these memories. I approach every event or session I photograph in the same way - with love, passion for my art and craft, and keeping the importance of the memories I capture in mind. The end result is always a priceless reminder of the important days in everyone's life.