Laura and Matt | 06.13.15 | Outdoor Manhattan Ceremony

How can a short, sweet and simple wedding be one of my favorite weddings to date that I've attended, let alone photographed? We met Laura in the couple's apartment, where she was getting ready. The ceremony was held outside, across the street, on Riverside Drive, overlooking the water. The cake-cutting was back at home, and then the couple took off onto the subway to Times Square, where they'd have dinner and spend the night at their hotel.

Let me tell you, everything about Laura and Matt's wedding day let me know how in love this couple is, and how excited they were to be married. That excitement was shared with the handful of close family and friends that were in attendance. Laura let me know just a few days prior to the wedding that parents would now be attending - they live in North Carolina, where the couple is originally from - so I knew the day would be made even more special. As it turns out, several additional guests were in attendance, which made me SO excited and happy for Laura and Matt. Laura's father walked her down the aisle, which I'm sure was a big deal to both of them. The thunderstorms that were on the weather forecast the WHOLE WEEK even held off - it was a beautiful, sunny day. It was a day full of joy, fun and love. It was truly amazing to see and an honor to capture.

Laura and Matt added glimpses of themselves into their wedding day - the addition of their beloved dogs as wedding guests, their love for music, their quirky affection towards each other, and their fun style. They even had a DELICIOUS, *real* red velvet cake (cream cheese frosting, the ONLY way it should be! ;)), with an adorable husband, wife + dogs cake topper. I love that. I love when couples personalize their day, because not only is it about the wedding itself, as so many couples believe (don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there's anything bad about that), it's about celebrating each other and the love the couple shares, as well as sharing that love with family and friends that the couple holds dear. This wedding and following celebration were an intimate look at Laura and Matt's life together, celebrating and cherishing it with those closest to them, in their neighborhood and home.

I had such a great time having a mini subway photo shoot as well, on the way to Times Square - I had the chance to impress their guests (and believe me, even myself) by not falling over while shooting with my bag on my shoulder, without much space, unable to hold on..especially while squatting to fix Laura's dress, haha! I attribute that to riding on the subway during rush hour when I was in college, and there would be nothing to hold onto!

Laura and Matt, I want to thank you for having us photograph your AMAZING wedding! As I've told you, the two of you and your family and friends were so wonderful, fun and welcoming. I'm so happy the day was exactly as you envisioned it, it was beautiful and you deserved it! Congratulations again, and I wish you all the best!

And now, here is their story. I hope you enjoy it.